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iSunOne Featured in Nasdaq Interview as the Future of Blockchain Banking

Redaksi | Senin,30 September 2019 - 13:44:35 WIB
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iSunOne Featured in Nasdaq Interview as the Future of Blockchain Banking

NEW YORK - 30 September 2019 - TideiSun Group's Chairman Mr. Chen Ping, and CEO Ms. Robin Xie, were invited by the NASDAQ exchange in September to introduce the company's flagship platform iSunOne -- an asset management APP combining private chatting with global instant payment.

As part of the US roadshow, iSunOne also exhibited at the "Think Asia, Think Hong Kong" event organized by HKTDC in Los Angeles. The management team also visited commercial banks, payment institutions and other collaborators.

Decentralized finance is a fast-growing trillion-dollar market. iSunOne is built on blockchain technology which does not rely on third parties to store, verify and transfer data. Mr. Chen Ping, Chairman of iSunOne, remarks: "We aim to build the world's first blockchain digital financial platform that links everyone.

iSunOne has four core functions - encrypted messaging, exchange, asset management and digital banking. It enables people all around the world, regardless rich or poor, to enjoy the convenience and benefits of modern finance."

Nasdaq reporters commented that iSunOne's model is comparable to Venmo, a mobile payment service owned by PayPal which currently handles billions of transactions every year. As a Chinese American with global vision, Ms. Robin Xie reckons the idea: "While I agree that both iSunOne and Venmo combine social community with instant payment, iSunOne not only supports fiat currency, but also supports cryptocurrency. We are fundamentally different from WeChat, because all communications and transactions on WeChat are closely monitored in a central system, while users' data on iSunOne belongs to users themselves and will never be shared with any third parties. Privacy and safety are our DNA. What's more, our users can bind iSunOne card with iSunOne wallet, top up and swipe the card just like a Mastercard. Spending cryptos has never been so easy and simple."

Talking about the upcoming milestones, Ms. Xie believes that digital banking is the future. iSunOne is stepping up its digital banking service to provide online banking services to users around the world. Users can open an overseas bank account remotely. iSunOne token XTP are scheduled to list on major exchanges.

XTP currently circulates on iSunOne platform and can be used to pay for services, to transfer or to send red packets between contacts. Users can now download the iSunOne APP to receive free XTP rewards or purchase XTP tokens for more platform benefits.

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