The 13th Annual Soompi Awards to Feature a New Award Category for #TwitterBestFandom

The 13th Annual Soompi Awards to Feature a New Award Category for #TwitterBestFandom

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - Media OutReach - 24 January 2018 - Twitter is the best place for Korean entertainment fans to see what's happening and to join the trending conversations on the latest Kpop and Kdrama events happening around the world.

This year, Twitter will support the 13th Annual Soompi Awards (#SoompiAwards), hosted by Soompi (@soompi) - one of the largest global online communities for Korean entertainment. Since 2005, the Soompi Awards has been the platform for international fans to celebrate and honor the best in Korean entertainment. Last year's winners include Lee Min Ho, BTS (@BTS_twt), and more.

The voting period of this year's Soompi Awards is from 24 January to 21 February (KST). Twitter users in Korea and around the world can join in the awards conversations by including the hashtag #SoompiAwards in their Tweets. This year, the #SoompiAwards will get its very own Twitter emoji for the first time.

The design of the official emoji is the symbol of the #SoompiAwards and it will appear in Tweets during the voting period when fans use any of the following hashtags: #SoompiAwards, #13thSoompiAwards, or #SoompiAwards2018.

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In particular, this year will feature a new Twitter Best Fandom (#TwitterBestFandom) award category. Fans can vote for their favorite Kpop stars during two separate 24-hour periods. The first voting period is from 8pm, January 27 (KST) to 8pm, January 28 (KST) and the second voting period is 8pm, February 3 (KST) to 8pm, February 4 (KST).

Fans can vote for their favorite Kpop groups and/or artistes by Tweeting the hashtag #TwitterBestFandom along with the team hashtag: #Team(group name). For example, to vote for BTS (@BTS_twt), fans  can Tweet #TwitterBestFandom #TeamBTS. To vote for Rain (@29rain), fans  can Tweet #TwitterBestFandom #TeamRAIN. For the full list of team hashtags, please visit HERE.

Soompi (@soompi) will give away special Twitter Best Fandom boxes,  which will include signed albums, photos, and Twitter branded gifts,  for 20 lucky winners among the #TwitterBestFandom voters. A special emoji for #TwitterBestFandom hashtag will feature a star-shaped design in the Twitter blue color.

In addition, Soompi (@soompi) is using the Twitter #BlueRoom for their activities leading up to the #SoompiAwards. For example, the Twitter #BlueRoom Q&A with Mamamoo (@RBW_MAMAMOO), held on 16 January, attracted nearly 50,000 viewers, with the hashtag #AskMAMAMOO trending on Twitter.

Mamamoo (@RBW_MAMAMOO) members, who are nominated in five categories in the 13th Annual Soompi Awards including Album of the Year and Song of the Year, participated in conversations with fans from around the world.

Soompi has also invited other rising Kpop groups to the #BlueRoom this month, including TRCNG (@TRCNG_official), The Rose (@Band_TheRose) and ACE (@official_ACE7).

Anyone who likes Korean entertainment can share their love for their favorite Kpop and Kdrama stars in this year's #SoompiAwards on Twitter. They can also use the hashtags #SoompiAwards and #TwitterBestFandom to vote for their favorite Kpop artists during one of the year's finest K-entertainment community awards!. (MOR).



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