Danfoss Helps Singapore Prepare for Increased Commerce and Accompanying Demand Expected with ASEAN Chairmanship Agenda

Danfoss Helps Singapore Prepare for Increased Commerce and Accompanying Demand Expected with ASEAN Chairmanship Agenda

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 25 January 2018 - Danfoss, a key regional player in the energy efficiency space today unveiled its new office in Singapore and its latest Marine & Offshore Application Development Center (ADC). The move is designed to help Singapore and ASEAN cope with increased demand on infrastructure and energy generated by r egional trade growth following implementation of the ASEAN Single Window Initiative.

The new Singapore Office and ADC at International Business Park is a very important milestone for Danfoss in building its visibility in Asia Pacific where it has been active since 1983, growing from its first office here to 14 offices and facilities across the region.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Soren Kvorning, President of Danfoss Asia Pacific said "The Prime Minister recognized recently, that there are two important themes for Singapore's ASEAN Chairmanship: That of resilience and innovation against common challenges which are bound to impact the region's prosperity. One of these challenges is climate change. Our Marine Application Development Center is to help increase innovation close to- and with customers at system level for the Marine and Offshore industry to better manage climate challenges in the industry."

With the approaching implementation of the ASEAN Single Window Initiative further boosting trade, Singapore and its neighbours are well on track to be the world's 4th-largest economy by 2050 and unrivalled as one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world.

This economic transformation aligns with the Danfoss imperative in helping customers improve energy and operational efficiency. Its array of technologies including fast developing, hybrid power solutions to create efficient operations for the seaborne trade.

"To gain a sense of the potential impact of better air quality from reduced emissions and fuel savings, imagine proven cases from such hybrid solutions where 20,000 litres of diesel annually saved by using such a system with the 130,000 plus ships that call throughout the year at Singapore's port[i] ,"added Kvorning.

With the new ADC, Danfoss is better positioned to investigate, test, and demonstrate applications that can help designers as well as decision makers to learn and develop new applications and digital opportunities, going beyond Singapore into the region to provide positive climate impact.  

Danfoss is now at the heart of engineering that supports urban living and within the pulsating centre of international trade for a region that is set to double its consuming class (i.e. those with incomes that enable them to make significant discretionary purchases), to 125 million households by 2025, up from the present 67 million households[ii] .

To see for yourself the solutions that build a better, more sustainable, and more energy-efficient tomorrow, we invite you to explore Danfoss City.

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