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Vingroup Is Now Among 34 FIDO2 Certified Companies in The World

Redaksi | Selasa,07 Januari 2020 - 19:51:41 WIB
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Vingroup Is Now Among 34 FIDO2 Certified Companies in The World

VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 7 January 2020 - VINCSS Internet Security Services Limited Liability Company (a member of Vingroup) has just been awarded FIDO2 Certificate for its authentication key product: VinCSS FIDO2 Authenticator by IDO Alliance. This makes Vingroup become one of 34 companies in the world capable of producing and mastering the most modern technology in the field of security authentication. 

FIDO2 is the overarching term for FIDO Alliance's newest set of specifications. FIDO2 enables users to leverage common devices to easily authenticate to online services in both mobile and desktop environments. In the world, there are 13 countries capable of mastering technology for producing FIDO2-certified authentication products, led by developed countries such as USA, Japan, Canada, UK and Germany.

This event not only marks VinCSS in the world security technology community but also affirms the transformation of Vingroup as the leading technology corporation, gradually integrating with world-class and complex technologies. This result also enables VinCSS to ranks among FIDO2 certified technology companies and corporations in the world such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Yubico, Solokey and Kensington, etc.

To achieve the certification, VinCSS FIDO2 Authenticator must pass the interoperability testing with a rate of 180/180 tests in two consecutive days. All product operations must be compatible with all popular browsers. Interactions with 10 authentication servers specified by FIDO Alliance must have a zero error.

Besides, design engineers of VinCSS must pass a face-to-face interview by FIDO Board Certification Committee with lots of difficult questions about the technological design details of the product. Last but not least, VinCSS was required to submit a Vendor Questionnaire detailing all the technical specifications of the product for evaluation by FIDO Alliance.

About this event, Mr. Nguyen Phi Kha, Director of Research and Development of VinCSS, claimed that: "After 9 months of research and development, at the end of December 2019, VinCSS was FIDO2 certified by FIDO Alliance. This success of VinCSS will make a big change in defense activities of modern network security in Vietnam. With our team of world-class experts, in the coming time, VinCSS will continue to introduce a series of practical products and services such as MSSP, VinSOC, Zero Trust Platform, ThreatHunting and IoT Security Lab"

In 2020, VinCSS will aim to provide an authentication service chain using the most modern technology in the world, including types of authentication keys that support bluetooth, NFC (Near-field communication - allows two devices at a distance of 4cm to connect and process programmatically), fingerprints; authentication solutions using applications and mobile phones as keys and services to support agencies and organizations converting authentication systems to prevent threats from network attacks such as phishing attacks. 

FIDO2 authentication standard is the safest way to authenticate users. FIDO2 aims to eliminate the difficulty due to having to remember too many passwords for end users as well as eliminating the risk of phishing, account cracking and hijacking network attacks. FIDO2 has been supported on all popular browsers, products and services of major vendors such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, Sony and Huawei. This product is becoming a global conversion trend with an increasing number of users.


  • VinCSS: VINCSS Internet Security Services Limited Liability Company (a member of Vingroup) operates primarily in the field of research - development, manufacturing of products and providing network security services. With a team of leading Vietnamese and international engineers and experts, VinCSS provides customers with world-class practical, comprehensive, intelligent and automated network security solutions.
  • FIDO Alliance (Fast IDentity Online), fidoalliance.org, was established in July 2012 to address login authentication issues and overcome users' over-reliance on user names and passwords.
  • Technology groups in the world that have been applying FIDO2:

-  In January 2019, Android operating system was FIDO2 certified, supporting more than 1 billion mobile devices.

-  In July 2019, Google and Yubico successfully launched a FIDO2 certified fingerprint authentication product, and supported authentication of Google services with FIDO2 certified keys.

-  In September 2019, Apple updated its Safari browser, iOS 13.3 and MacOS Catalina operating systems to support the FIDO2 certified security keys to improve the authentication process for Apple ecosystem.

-  In October 2019, Microsoft also applied FIDO2 certified authentication specifications to Windows Hello and Microsoft Azure AD software and will soon support FIDO2 in the next versions of Windows operating systems.

-  In December 2019, VinCSS-FIDO2 authentication key product was officially FIDO2 certified.

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