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Arrow Electronics Launches Integrated Bi-directional Power Converter Solution for Advancing Vehicle-to-grid Technology

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Arrow Electronics Launches Integrated Bi-directional Power Converter Solution for Advancing Vehicle-to-grid Technology

Solution integrates Silicon Carbide MOSFET technology to yield greater power conversion and smaller form factor benefits

CHINA - Media OutReach - 14 May 2020 - Global technology-solutions provider Arrow Electronics today launched an integrated bi-directional power converter solution for equipping electric vehicles (EVs) with a robust mobile energy charger, capable of both storing electricity and contributing excessive energy to power homes and network grids if needed.

Advancing such vehicle-to-home (V2H) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capabilities helps smooth momentary spikes in electricity demand, capitalize on untapped energy sources during battery idle period, and thus promote a more sustainable and energy-efficient development of smart cities.

Electrifying transportation has been regarded as one of the key drivers in addressing global climate challenges. According to the International Energy Agency, by 2030 there will be 125 million EVs touring around the world's highways and byways.[1] As EV adoption is on the rise, there is growing concern about the operation of current energy grid infrastructures.

V2G and V2H will enable both energy storage and contribution of excessive energy back to the network grid and community. With the bidirectional converter, EVs can be used to supply electricity to a house or a building which then help reduce pressure on the national supply grid.

The bidirectional power converter solution consists of three key elements for implementing a scalable, cost-effective and energy-efficient converter: a high-efficiency bridgeless power factor correction (PFC); a V2G bi-directional charger; and a communication module protocol (EVCC) in compliance with ISO15118 standard. Compared to traditional silicon materials, the PFC and DC-DC power supply with silicon-carbide MOSFET technology result in less power loss (up to 96% efficiency), smaller form factor (up to 50% reduction), and lighter weight.

In addition, the number of individual components utilized in this solution has been reduced by 20%, thus offering a more cost-effective system design. The solution can support AC-to-DC bidirectional power conversion with AC voltage range from 200Vac to 265Vac and the DC voltage range from 250Vdc to 450Vdc. The maximum output power is 6.6kW.

"We are excited to introduce the integrated power converter solution for enabling automotive providers to streamline and accelerate the design cycle of onboard bi-directional chargers for applications such as EVs, uninterruptible power supplies, and solar systems," said Jacky Wan, vice president of engineering, APAC at Arrow Electronics, "As one of the world's leading technology solutions providers, Arrow continues to provide first-class engineering capability and drive sustainable energy innovation that brings environmental and economic benefits."

To help engineers accelerate product development of onboard converter for EVs, Arrow now offers the integrated bi-directional power converter solution. For more information, visit https://www.arrow.com/en/research-and-events/articles/arrow-launches-integrated-bi-directional-power-converter-solution.

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