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Telesis Bio Announces First Commercial Shipment of BioXp® Select DNA Cloning Kit

Redaksi | Senin,22 Mei 2023 - 11:17:17 WIB
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Telesis Bio Announces First Commercial Shipment of BioXp® Select DNA Cloning Kit

New Kit Enables Automation of DNA Cloning on the BioXp® System Beginning from Linear DNA, Further Expanding the Utility, Speed, and Impact of the BioXp® Automated Molecular Biology Workstation

SAN DIEGO - May 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Telesis Bio Inc. (NASDAQ: TBIO), a leader in automated multi-omic and synthetic biology solutions, today announced the first commercial shipment of its BioXp® Select DNA Cloning kit. The BioXp® Select DNA Cloning kit enables on-demand and automated assembly of DNA fragments via Gibson Assembly® or Golden Gate assembly cloning methods beginning from the customer’s linear DNA.

The continued expansion of automation capabilities of the BioXp® platform that enable researchers to build DNA and mRNA constructs beginning with linear DNA or plasmid DNA input is expected to further empower researchers to optimize and accelerate their discovery workflows.

By providing researchers greater workflow flexibility and automated options to build their DNA or mRNA constructs, they can overcome current bottlenecks created by long synthesis lead times and streamline their design-build-test workflows. Thus, creating efficiencies and accelerating their discovery process.

“The principle of RNAimmune's proprietary technology is the use of mRNA as a data carrier to instruct the human body to produce its own proteins capable of fighting a wide range of diseases. Our research focuses on optimizing the mRNA molecule for delivery, function, and other key characteristics and requires rapid analysis and iteration. The BioXp® System is a key part of our process, enabling us to reduce timelines, eliminate manual steps, and more broadly test and iterate. We expect the new Select DNA Cloning kit to be of great value in our candidate optimization and screening workflows for mRNA vaccines,” said Dong Shen, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and President of RNAimmune.

“The BioXp® Select kit line expands the utility of the system by enabling researchers to begin from existing linear DNA or plasmid DNA. This is our fourth release in 2023, and throughout the year we plan additional releases for DNA and mRNA synthesis beginning from the customer’s sequence, linear DNA, or plasmid DNA, and to expand the BioXp® system to automate NGS Library Preparation thereby providing many customers with a more complete solution for many DNA and mRNA applications,” said Todd R. Nelson, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of Telesis Bio.

“We believe our BioXp® system can empower researchers to accelerate their breakthrough discoveries. The BioXp® System has the potential to significantly reduce timelines, manual steps, and costs for constructing synthetic DNA and RNA for numerous downstream applications including vaccine development, therapeutics development, diagnostics, precision medicine, and DNA data storage,” continued Todd R. Nelson.

About Telesis Bio
Telesis Bio is empowering scientists with the ability to create novel, synthetic biology-enabled solutions for many of humanity’s greatest challenges. As inventors of the industry-standard Gibson Assembly® method and the first commercial automated benchtop DNA and mRNA synthesis system, Telesis Bio is enabling rapid, accurate and reproducible writing of DNA and mRNA for numerous downstream markets. The award-winning BioXp® systems consolidate, automate, and optimize the entire synthesis, cloning and amplification workflow.

As a result, they deliver virtually error-free synthesis of DNA and RNA at scale within days and hours instead of weeks or months. Scientists around the world are using the technology in their own laboratories to accelerate the design-build-test paradigm for novel, high-value products for precision medicine, biologics drug discovery, vaccine and therapeutic development, genome editing, and cell and gene therapy. Telesis Bio is a public company based in San Diego.

About RNAimmune
RNAimmune is an international biopharmaceutical company focusing on mRNA vaccine and therapeutics development. Its global headquarter is in Germantown, Maryland, USA, while the China headquarter is located in International BioIsland, Guangzhou. RNAimmune has received a global exclusive right to the proprietary Polypeptide Lipid Nanoparticle (PLNP) technology for mRNA delivery from Sirnaomics. In addition, RNAimmune has various independent proprietary R&D platforms, including artificial-intelligence and directed neoantigen prediction, ALEPVA algorithm for nucleic acid sequence design and lipid nanoparticle (LNP) carrier systems.

RNAimmune also deployed various vaccines and therapeutics pipelines, including vaccines for infectious diseases (COVID-19, influenza, VZV and RSV etc.) and cancer vaccines (RAS, NY-ESO-1), and protein replacement medication. RNAimmune has extremely high potential and has become one of the leading companies in the field of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.

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