Gorilla Technology Group Completes Contract Signing and Commences Project to Provide 5G Telecom and Network Investigation Solution to Major Taiwanese Law Enforcement Agency

Gorilla Technology Group Completes Contract Signing and Commences Project to Provide 5G Telecom and Network Investigation Solution to Major Taiwanese Law Enforcement Agency

Multiyear Contract Signed to Provide One of the World’s First 5G Smart Law Enforcement Solutions
Project Worth USD$20.8M was Awarded in June; to be Completed by 2025

LONDON - Aug. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gorilla Technology Group Inc. ("Gorilla") (NASDAQ: GRRR), a global provider of AI-based edge video analytics, IoT technologies, and cybersecurity, today announced that it completed contract signing and commenced execution of a multiyear, 5G Telecom and Network security project to enhance criminal investigations for a safe city with a major law enforcement agency in Taiwan. It is among the first 5G security projects of its kind in the world to be implemented, and the first in Taiwan.

“It is with great enthusiasm we move forward with a major law enforcement agency into the realm of 5G infrastructure. From 2G to 4G, we have implemented similar solutions with this agency, and this contract only continues to showcase our commitment to advancing safe cities in Taiwan," said Felix Song, Gorilla’s Vice President of Customer Success. “Governments and enterprises have all witnessed the rise of 5G mobile networks, and so too have criminals. As such, we understand the importance in implementing the 5G communication surveillance system this major Taiwanese law enforcement agency needs, which front-line investigators can use to protect the public from criminals using voice call (VoNR), internet telephony, and other IP communications on 5G infrastructure.”

"The opportunity to once again collaborate closely with this law enforcement agency in Taiwan to lead the way in developing some of the world’s foremost innovative 5G Telecom and Network Lawful Investigation solutions is truly groundbreaking. We look forward to successfully delivering this transformative project and many more,” said Jay Chandan, Chairman & CEO of Gorilla Technology. “This milestone solidifies Gorilla Technology's standing within Taiwan while also proving, once again, our resolute ambition to extend further into the global market where we aim to empower cities with safe, intelligent solutions.”

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