Asia’s first Web3 Health Management Platform Live4Well Celebrates Global Launch with "Sportive Income" Campaign

Asia’s first Web3 Health Management Platform Live4Well Celebrates Global Launch with

Live4Well to give away 10 iPhone 15 Pro to users just by staying active

HONG KONG SAR - 10 November 2023 - Live4Well, a pioneering wellness app that combines fitness with earning potential, is celebrating its global launch with an innovative "Sportive Income" campaign.

In a unique initiative to inspire more individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle, Live4Well is offering users a golden opportunity to win 10 iPhone 15 Pros, simply by staying active.

Live4Well, Asia's first Web3 health management platform, is pioneering the "Sweat and Earn" and "Work out, Cash out" concepts by allowing users to transform their workout hours into "Sportive Income''.

"Live4Well is reshaping the fitness landscape, making it more rewarding and motivating," said Tayson Chui, Marketing Director at Live4Well.

"We've always been passionate about encouraging healthier lifestyles, but we wanted to take it a step further and incentivise fitness with an enticing reward, and what's more enticing than the chance to win the latest iPhone 15 Pro? We're incredibly excited about our Sportive Giveaway."

Live4Well's innovative approach to wellness distinguishes it from other fitness applications.

The "Sportive Income'' concept transforms each workout session into a potentially profitable endeavour, changing the way people perceive fitness. With Live4Well, fitness is not just about well-being, it's about reaping the rewards of your hard work.

To enter the giveaway, simply download the Live4Well app, create an account, and start logging your workouts. The more active you are, the higher your chances to win one of 10 iPhone 15 Pro's.

The Sportive Giveaway is open to all new and existing Live4Well users. The event will run for one month from November 11 2023. Winners will be announced during a live broadcast on December 13 in Hong Kong. Check out the app for more details.

About Live4Well
Live4Well is a pioneering wellness app that motivates users to stay active and healthy. By introducing the "Sportive Income" concept, it allows users to earn from their workouts. Live4Well is dedicated to fostering healthier lifestyles and rewarding users for their fitness efforts.



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