Novotech Publishes Report on Research into Endometrial Cancer, a Leading Cause of Gynecology Malignancy Mortality

Novotech Publishes Report on Research into Endometrial Cancer, a Leading Cause of Gynecology Malignancy Mortality

BOSTON - June 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Novotech, the global full-service clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) that partners with biotech companies to accelerate the development of advanced and novel therapeutics at every phase, has released a comprehensive research report - Endometrial cancer - Global Clinical Trial Landscape.

The report provides insights and key data on the global landscape of clinical trials for uterine cancer, primarily endometrial cancer (EC), focusing on prevalence, funding landscape, emerging trends, therapies, trial density, and patient recruitment for trial planning and research.

Since 2018, over 1,200 EC clinical trials have been initiated worldwide, with North America and Asia-Pacific contributing 39% and 33% of trials, respectively, followed by Europe at 22%.

EC ranks as the second most common, and fourth leading, cause of death globally among gynecology malignancies. In 2022 alone, there were nearly 420,370 new cases of EC globally, with approximately 97,720 deaths. 

  • Asia (167,430) accounts for nearly 40% of global cases of EC in 2022
  • Europe (124,874) 
  • North America (73,977)

Within Asia:

  • Mainland China reported the highest incidence with 77,722 cases
  • The United States had the second-highest incidence globally with 66,055 cases, accompanied by the highest ASR of 22.5 per 100,000 population
  • In Europe, Russia reported the third-highest incidence with 29,852 cases

Currently, the standard of care for EC is surgery with either partial or total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (TH/BSO). For recurrent EC patients, treatments vary based on extent and prior success, including surgery, radiation, and systemic therapy such as chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. 

The report notes that projections for EC show an increase in new cases over the next 25 years, potentially surpassing 600,000 annual new cases by 2044.

This demand for therapies has seen EC clinical trial activity increase globally from 2014 to 2023, with the Asia-Pacific region experiencing the highest increase with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.9%. ROW followed closely at 14.9%, and the North American and European regions showed a steady growth rate at 9.7% and 5.2% respectively.

Similarly, the funding landscape is strong with the United States dominating in venture capital funding for EC research between 2019 and 2023, followed by China, with investments totalling $2129 million and $894 million, respectively. Public funding initiatives in Australia and the United States focused on expanding and improving the quality of care. 

Further key clinical trial trend and treatment developments from the report include: 

  • The United States led trial activity in North America, while Mainland China led in the Asia-Pacific region, followed by Australia and South Korea.
  • The trial phase trends show North America and Asia-Pacific conducting a higher volume of early and mid-phase trials (Phase 1 and 2), while Europe and the ROW concentrate on later-stage trials (Phase 3).
  • Asia-Pacific demonstrates the shortest median enrollment period (15.1 months) and the highest median recruitment rate (1.1 subjects per site per month), indicating efficient patient recruitment.
  • There are approximately six drugs in preclinical stages, 15 in Phase I trials, and 12 in combined Phase I/II studies.
  • In Phase III trials, Programmed Cell Death 1 Ligand 1 Inhibitor dominates the mechanism of action (MOA), followed by Programmed Cell Death Protein 1 Antagonist and Poly [ADP Ribose] Polymerase 1 Inhibitor.
  • Marketed drugs for EC mainly target DNA synthesis inhibitors, progesterone receptor agonists, and tubulin inhibitors.

The Novotech research analyst team provides these expert reports every month, completely free of charge. In addition to the highlights above, the report provides an in-depth SWOT analysis, to guide biotech firms on strategic decision-making, research opportunities, and challenges. They tackle the potential and real hurdles biotech firms face in specific therapeutic areas in the hopes of positively impacting and informing clinical trial decision-making, eventually improving success rates with new treatments. 

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