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The Key to the International Success of Taiwan Renewable Energy Industry

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The Key to the International Success of Taiwan Renewable Energy Industry

TAIWAN - 22 June 2021 - To alleviate the effects of global warming and the environmental impacts caused by extreme climate, net-zero emission and carbon neutrality have become hot button topics as of late. Countries around the globe are now actively transitioning towards net-zero emission and developing renewable energy, and Taiwan is no exception. Extensive support from a well-rounded industrial cluster has allowed Taiwan to become the best partner nation in global renewable energy development.

The Taiwanese government has been encouraging industries to undergo green energy transition and aims to have 20% of the nation's power supplied by renewable sources by 2025 and further proposes accomplishing the goal of "net-zero emissions transition by 2050." Sensing great potential in the renewable energy market, Taiwanese businesses have come to invest in the market and attained remarkable results.

This is what Taiwanese companies, Sun Rise E&T Corporation, Swancor Renewable Energy, SRE, and Sysgration Ltd. have each achieved:

Solar-Fishery Pioneer: Sun Rise E&T Corporation Takes on the Global Green Energy Market
With high amounts of sunshine, Taiwan has always been well suited for the development of solar energy. However, breaking through the limitation landmass constraints by installing solar energy equipment on lakes and dams, can significantly enhance the effectiveness of solar power generation. This type of watered-area solar power is what the Sun Rise E&T Corporation has long pursued.

Sun Rise E&T Corporation Chairman Tung Chi-Hsu says that: "floating solar systems allow nations with relatively small landmass but high sunshine to be able to develop solar power." Installing floating solar systems in dams or hydropower plants not only alleviate the problem of low electricity generation hydropower plants face during the day but can also effectively reduce water loss from the reservoir caused by evaporation. Furthermore, because temperatures on water surfaces are lower than that of land, floating solar systems can generate 10% more power than their land counterparts.

"Compared to blow-molded floating solar power systems on the market, our floating solar system uses extrusion-molded and injection-molded HDPE-PE100 with higher material strength and durability. Furthermore, the system's unique anchoring design has been well received by clients and proved its capability by surviving through various windy conditions, such as the wind tunnel test in Japan. Currently, the system has seen wide deployment in sites located in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand."

Excellence in Offshore Power: Swancor Renewable Energy Spreads its Wings in Asia alongside Industry Chain Partners
Taiwan's unique geographic advantage has created great prosperity for the nation's offshore wind power industry. In particular, one company has not only participated in the construction of offshore wind sites like Formosa 1 and Formosa 2 but even took the initiative to start the Formosa 4-1, Formosa 4-2, and Formosa 4-3 projects. That company is Swancor Renewable Energy, SRE.

"Not only are we familiar with technologies for offshore wind power, but we are also experienced in working with international contractors. We know how to lower the financial risks of projects through project financing and understand the state and needs of offshore wind power in both Taiwan and the entire Asian region. More importantly, the farms we have been involved with are all seeing great returns and are operating smoothly." Swancor Renewable Energy CEO Lucas Lin further explains that the process of building an offshore wind farm can be broadly divided into three phases based on different goals during each phase: development, construction, and operation. SRE is the only offshore wind power developer in Taiwan that has participated in and can provide services for all three phases. Next, the company will seek to develop the Formosa 4 wind farm per government policies and lead industry chain partners in Taiwan's offshore wind power field to tap into the promising Asian offshore wind power market.

Sysgration Ltd. Maximizes Renewable Energy Utilization with Smart Power Storage
"Since renewable energy is a type of variable energy, maintaining long term and consistent supply of power is an issue that every renewable energy company must contend with. In fact, this is why smart energy storage systems have been so greatly anticipated on the market." General manager of Sysgration Ltd., Hsieh Tung-Fu says that smart energy storage systems provide three critical functions: energy storage, output smoothing, and energy coordination. These functions will not only allow renewable energy suppliers to stabilize energy output but even perform time shifting by reserving renewable energy to be supplied to the grid at designated peak periods to maximize energy utilization.

Hsieh points out that energy management has been changed especially in the areas of power generation, transmission, distribution, consumption, and portability. In addition to offering products and services to meet the demands of each field, Sysgration Ltd. will assist renewable energy operators to smoothly integrate renewable energy to the grid, stabilize the quality of the grid, adjust energy supply in response to off-grid/peak demand, lighten lithium battery power sources, and further assist Taipower and large consumers achieve better energy control.

To further assist with the successful development of the energy industry in Taiwan, TAITRA will hold Energy Taiwan targeting the four areas of solar power, wind power, hydrogen energy, and fuel energy. The one and only B2B renewable energy show in Taiwan not only expects to attract over 14,000 visitors but also hold procurement meetings and professional forums to establish a better industrial communication environment for buyers and sellers.

Moreover, virtual show, the online platform supports catalogue display, text/ video chat and meeting arrangements, will simultaneously open with physical show to allow insiders from home and abroad to find business opportunities, thereby vitalizing the development of the energy industry in Taiwan and creating a new world of possibilities for the energy industry going forwards.

Founded in 1970 to help promote foreign trade, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is the foremost non-profit trade promotion organization in Taiwan. Jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations, and several commercial organizations, TAITRA assists Taiwan businesses and manufacturers with reinforcing their international competitiveness and in coping with the challenges they face in foreign markets.

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