EquitiesFirst Podcast Series II, Episode 1: How to Invest in Artificial Intelligence in Asia-Pacific?

EquitiesFirst Podcast Series II, Episode 1: How to Invest in Artificial Intelligence in Asia-Pacific?

HONG KONG SAR - 9 August 2023 - EquitiesFirst proudly announces the launch of the brand-new series II in its acclaimed podcast series, in continued collaboration with The Economist Impact. The opening episode, 'How to Invest in Artificial Intelligence in Asia-Pacific?' is set to dive into the intricacies of AI investment.

Our collaborative effort aims to navigate the nuanced financial landscapes, highlighting challenges and opportunities, thereby empowering listeners to make well-informed investment decisions based on EquitiesFirst equities-based financing insights.

EquitiesFirst Financing: Riding the Wave of Asia-Pacific Investments
With the brand-new series, we continue our exploration of the finance world, examining various aspects of the Asia-Pacific investment ecosystem. Our opening episode takes a focused look at AI investment, exploring the emerging opportunities and risks associated with this revolutionary technology.

With Asia-Pacific's AI spending set to hit $49.2 billion in 2026, led by China, Australia, and India, we explore the diverse industry applications of AI, from agriculture to e-commerce. As the rise of generative AI heralds new investment opportunities, we also address governance and ethical considerations and discuss strategies for businesses and investors to improve returns while mitigating risks.

In the following EquitiesFirst Podcast episodes, we will delve into the impact investing landscape, along with the thriving start-up ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific. These compelling topics continue to underline EquitiesFirst equities-based investment as the key commitment to navigate this rapidly evolving region.

EquitiesFirst Partnership: Insights and Intelligence from the Experts

In tandem with The Economist Impact, EquitiesFirst is primed to offer its audience an insightful exploration of the Asia-Pacific investment landscape. This unique partnership continues our commitment to providing the most compelling, up-to-date insights on EquitiesFirst funding opportunities, potential risks, and the evolving dynamics in this region.

EquitiesFirst remains a leading player in risk management and equities-based financing, with a proven track record in fostering robust investment strategies. Through this podcast series, we reaffirm our mission to guide investors as they explore and navigate the dynamic investment landscape in the Asia-Pacific region.

About Equities First Holdings
Founded in 2002, EquitiesFirst is a global investor specializing in long-term equities-based financing. EquitiesFirst's approach overcomes traditional limitations and redefines the financing experience through providing efficient access to capital for listed companies, entrepreneurs and investors against publicly traded securities. The total value of loans transacted is more than US$4.5 billion as of January 2023.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, USA, EquitiesFirst maintains an international footprint of twelve offices in eight countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, China (Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing), South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Australia (Sydney, Perth and Melbourne). EquitiesFirst is licensed and/or registered in all jurisdictions where required.

EquitiesFirst is the pioneer of Progressive Capital – a partnership approach to investment, rooted in respect, mutual interest and understanding. EquitiesFirst delivers liquidity solutions that are vital, transformative and move partners forward.



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