EquitiesFirst Podcast Series II, Episode 3: Exploring Entrepreneurship in Asia-Pacific

EquitiesFirst Podcast Series II, Episode 3: Exploring Entrepreneurship in Asia-Pacific

HONG KONG SAR - 14 November 2023 - EquitiesFirst, in collaboration with The Economist Impact, is proud to present Episode 3 of our enlightening Podcast Series II: "Unlocking Entrepreneurship in Asia-Pacific." This episode embarks on an insightful journey through the vibrant startup ecosystem emerging across the region, illuminating the pivotal role of EquitiesFirst equities-based investment in nurturing the seeds of innovation and growth.

EquitiesFirst Financing: Opportunities in Asia-Pacific's Startup Landscape
This episode delves deep into the factors contributing to the growing startup landscape in Asia-Pacific. From the rapid advancement in communication and transportation infrastructures to the demographic shifts signifying an expanding consumer class and digitally savvy workforce, these elements are reshaping the future of business in the region. Along with EquitiesFirst equities-based financing solutions, these factors could play a part in supporting the startup climate, particularly in sectors like fintech, e-commerce, and healthtech.

EquitiesFirst Risk Management: Navigating an Evolving Financial Landscape
This episode also examines the dip in Asia-Pacific's venture capital to a six-year low in early 2023, the support from accelerators and the public sector, and the strategies to mitigate talent gaps. Anchored by the expertise of EquitiesFirst risk management, speakers will share their insights and perspectives on how startups and investors could maneuver through these evolving financial challenges.

EquitiesFirst Partnership: A Commitment to Insightful Engagement
Through a partnership with The Economist Impact, EquitiesFirst reaffirms its commitment to delivering insightful discussions on investment trends and opportunities. The collaboration seeks to contribute to informed decision-making for investors and stakeholders interested in the Asia-Pacific equities landscape.

EquitiesFirst remains engaged in the dialogue around risk management and strategic investment, leveraging its experience to contribute to the broader conversation about the future of financing and investment in a diverse and multifaceted region like Asia-Pacific.

About Equities First Holdings
Founded in 2002, EquitiesFirst is a global investor specializing in long-term equities-based financing. EquitiesFirst's approach overcomes traditional limitations and redefines the financing experience through providing efficient access to capital for listed companies, entrepreneurs and investors against publicly traded securities. The total value of loans transacted is more than US$4.5 billion as of January 2023.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, USA, EquitiesFirst maintains an international footprint of twelve offices in eight countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, China (Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing), South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Australia (Sydney, Perth and Melbourne). EquitiesFirst is licensed and/or registered in all jurisdictions where required.

EquitiesFirst is the pioneer of Progressive Capital – a partnership approach to investment, rooted in respect, mutual interest and understanding. EquitiesFirst delivers liquidity solutions that are vital, transformative and move partners forward.



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