LambdaTest Announces Exclusive Offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to Help Businesses be Sales Ready

LambdaTest Announces Exclusive Offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to Help Businesses be Sales Ready

Ahead of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush, LambdaTest is offering a flat 30% discount on annual subscriptions for their Live, Real Device, and Automation products to help businesses be sales-ready and deliver immersive digital experiences.

SAN FRANCISCO - Nov. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LambdaTest, a leading cloud-based unified testing platform announced an exclusive offer to assist businesses in preparing for Black Friday sales day.

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, online businesses prepare for one of the busiest and most competitive sales periods of the year. The significance of these shopping days in driving sales and attracting new customers is unparalleled. This high-traffic period, however, presents with it an additional set of challenges, especially when it comes to website and app performance and the overall digital experience of the customers.

To remain competitive, retailers must rigorously test and optimize their websites and applications for speed, reliability, security, and ease of usage. This optimization is pivotal in providing a seamless and fulfilling online experience, essential for boosting conversion rates, customer retention, and loyalty.

To assist online businesses in preparing for these critical sales days, LambdaTest is pleased to announce an exclusive offer. Online businesses can now save 30% on annual subscriptions to LambdaTest products - Live Testing, Real Device Cloud, Web, and App Automation Cloud by using the coupon code "BFCM30" which is valid till the end of November. 

  • Live Testing - Real-time testing of websites and web apps across 3000+ browsers and operating systems.
  • Real Device Cloud - Perform app testing over a wide range of real devices for Android and iOS.
  • Web Automation Cloud - Run automation scripts of Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, etc. frameworks across various browsers, operating systems, and devices.
  • App Automation Cloud- Run Espresso, XCUITest, and Appium scripts over real devices with the LambdaTest cloud. 

This offer aims to support businesses in fortifying their online presence for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, enhancing their ability to deliver a seamless and unobstructed customer experience.

Asad Khan, CEO and Co-Founder of LambdaTest said, "In these competitive times, ensuring the stability of your website or app is critical. Black Friday and Cyber Monday present an opportunity to capture increased sales, but they also demand a robust and flawless online presence. At LambdaTest, we emphasize the necessity of being sales-ready for such peak sales events to ensure an uninterrupted and gratifying customer experience."

LambdaTest offers practical assistance to businesses preparing for the high-demand Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales periods. With our exclusive discount offer, we aim to help companies optimize their online presence for a smoother customer experience. Avoid technical disruptions and enhance your sales potential by leveraging LambdaTest for a robust online experience during these critical sales events.

About LambdaTest
LambdaTest is an intelligent and omnichannel enterprise execution environment that helps businesses drastically reduce time to market through Just in Time Test Orchestration (JITTO),  ensuring quality releases and accelerated digital transformation. Over 10,000+ enterprise customers and 2+ million users across 130+ countries rely on LambdaTest for their testing needs.

● Browser & App Testing Cloud allows users to run both manual and automated tests of web and mobile apps across 3000+ different browsers, real devices, and operating system environments.

● HyperExecute helps customers run and orchestrate test grids in the cloud for any framework and programming language at blazing-fast speeds to cut down on quality test time, helping developers build software faster.



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