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Teledyne e2v Reveals its High Reliability Semiconductor Solutions at Singapore Airshow 2020

Redaksi | Rabu,05 Februari 2020 - 21:27:50 WIB
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Teledyne e2v Reveals its High Reliability Semiconductor Solutions at Singapore Airshow 2020

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 5 February 2020 - Teledyne e2v, an aerospace qualified manufacturer of advanced semiconductors, will be exhibiting its class-leading capabilities in data and signal processing solutions at Singapore Airshow 2020, from February 11 to 14, 2020. Teledyne e2v and partner Emerges, will be at booth B11, displaying high reliability, feature-rich semiconductor products, which enable demanding aerospace and defense applications.

Here are some highlights:
Data Converters
Teledyne e2v focuses on high sampling and high bandwidth data conversion solutions enabling direct conversion architecture and leading to SWAP-C improvements. This is complemented by specific exclusive features such as synchronization capabilities with serial interface support, and multiple channels within a single device. For example:

  • EV12AQ600: the most advanced, versatile 12-bit ADC featuring a cross-point switch enabling multi-channel operation. Available from commercial to space qualified levels, including military grade. Developed under the INTERSTELLAR H2020 project in partnership with Thales Alenia Space, Airbus Defense & Space, and the Fraunhofer Institute, and is funded by the European Commission.
  • EV12AD550: the first dual channel, S-band capable, 12-bit ADC sampling at up to 1.6GSps. It is focused on advanced space telecommunication and SAR payloads requiring high-reliability and has been certified QML-V in 2019.
  • EV12DS460: the world first K-band DAC, enabling enhanced electronic warfare capability thanks to its remarkably short latency of 500ps. It is also able to operate directly at extremely high frequency 26.5GHz to support some direct conversion applications. The EV12DS460 has won the Elektra Award for Semiconductor Product of the Year Analog in 2017.
  • EV12AS350: the highest sampling speed coupled with very short latency of less than 5ns enable the EV12AS350's integration in best of class electronic warfare systems as a companion to the EV12DS460.

Microprocessor solutions
Teledyne e2v's microprocessor solutions are differentiated through pairing GHz class performance with high-reliability and extensive software libraries and support. This provides a robust foundation for our module-based solutions, which bring additional functionality to the processor. For example:

  • Qormino® Common Computer Platform QT1040-4GB & QLS1046-4GB: with Qormino, a smart, small and powerful packaged common computer platform, Teledyne e2v combined NXP QorIQ® processors based on PowerArchitecture® or ARM®, with DDR4 memory on Teledyne e2v's custom substrates, designed to respond to SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) constraints. A demonstration of Qormino on the booth will be simulating a flight computer running Wind River VXWorks operating system, a Modelling & Simulation S/W from Presagis and using a CoreAVI graphic card.
  • LS1046: the first processor from NXP's Layerscape Series to be added to Teledyne e2v's portfolio of High-Reliability microprocessors. Based on a Quad ARM Cortex® A72 processor, LS1046 enables aerospace and defence applications to take advantage of the ARM eco-system for their high-processing power requirement coupled with the high-reliability benefits brought by Teledyne e2v. The military grade version is available and qualified, while space qualified version to Nasa level is under development.

Anthony Fernandez, Vice President of Teledyne e2v Asia Pacific, said "Our customers have long been using our technologies in aerospace and defense applications, such as electronic warfare, avionics and communication systems. These systems require advanced sensor capabilities and the ability to process and analyse data at very high speed. These capabilities are of increasing importance in the military arena; to gather intelligence, detect threats and improve the accuracy of weapons systems. In general, we also see military assets in the air, on the ground, at sea, and in space becoming more and more connected. This enables data to be exchanged across the battle field in real time , and our semiconductor solutions are key to enabling these new platforms."

Subject matter experts will be on hand to discuss planned product development and advanced, enabling technology for your signal processing challenges.

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