Children from Wuzhishan, Hainan Sings on the Seine in Paris During the Opening Performance of the Sino-French Gourmet Carnival

Children from Wuzhishan, Hainan Sings on the Seine in Paris During the Opening Performance of the Sino-French Gourmet Carnival

PARIS - Media OutReach Newswire - 7 May 2024 - On 4th May, the Chinese-French Cultural Exchange Delegation of Wuzhishan City, Hainan Province, together with the Wuzhishan City Li & Miao Children's Choir, sang "Wuzhishan resounds through France" through a bilingual Chinese-French rendition, bringing wishes from China into Paris, France.

During the event, surrounded by flowers, nice food and the flowing river, the choir's melodious singing floated over the Seine. "The fire under the snowy mountains, is as shining as the sunshine in the rainforest. The fine wine of Bordeaux, and the tea soup of Wuzhishan, are mutually appreciating their enchanting fragrance..." The children's lively and innocent posture and beautiful and wonderful singing, won the warm applause of the French audience.

The Li & Miao Children's Choir from Shuiman Town, Wuzhishan City, Hainan Province, is consisted of 7-11-year-old Li and Miao primary school students. The children of the choir were very happy to participate in the opening performance of the Sino-French Gourmet Carnival.

Wang Zijun, a young Li ethnic actor, said: "I hope our songs can make more French friends feel the charm of China and love my hometown Hainan."

According to Liu Min, the composer of "Wuzhishan resounds through France", the song was inspired by the French song "Si j'allais en Chine", which glorifies the continuous progress of cultural integration between China and France.

Earlier this year, the MV "Wuzhishan resounds through France" recorded by Wuzhishan City Li & Miao Children's Choir was selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and promoted by the Information Center of Xinhua News Agency in the important event held in Paris to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France - "Hello! China, Sunshine Hainan" International Image Exhibition and Hainan Tourism and Cultural Promotion Event.

Lyazid Benhami, viceoresident of the Paris Association of French-Chinese Friendship, highlighted, "The mountain sung by the children is a symbol of the two cultures of China and France looking at each other. It's two civilisations getting to know each other through a child's perspective, and it touched us deeply."

Victoria Bocquillon, a commercial director for a company in Paris, was invited to attend the event. "I hope they like Paris," she said, "The children's songs were very touching and the fact that they sang in French made it even more of an honour for us. We French should also go to China to interact with the new generation."

Yu Qian, Minister of Publicity Department of Wuzhishan Municipal Committee of Hainan Province, noted that Wuzhishan City is located in the south-central part of Hainan Island and is the center of Li and Miao culture in Hainan. It is endowed with pristine tropical rainforests, unique natural scenery and profound Li and Miao cultural heritage.

She said, as a member of the Chinese family, Wuzhishan City will continue to promote traditional Chinese culture, strengthen foreign cultural exchanges and communication, and make positive contributions to the promotion of Sino-French friendship and the cultural diversity of the world.

Lyazid BENHAMI used two "very" to express his appreciation for the children. "They are very, very energetic. They are the new generation that carries the friendship between France and China."

The "Sino-French Gourmet Carnival" is hosted by Xinhua News Agency and organised by its Information Center. As one of the Projets marquants sur les échanges humains en France et en Chine en 2024 the carnival is supported by the Chinese Embassy in France and the World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry, with more than 80 important guests from the Chinese and French governments, cultural and gastronomic circles, witnessing this gastronomic and cultural gala.

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